Sunday, 30 March 2014

Swans 3 - Norwich 0 Stats and Chalkboards

I've felt like a result like this has been coming but it's the stage of the season now where results are more important than the performance but it's great to get both like on Saturday.

Arguably the big difference between this game and the previous home games against Palace and West Brom was the second goal before half time, it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination to picture a scenario where we'd have beaten either of those teams equally comfortably had we gone in at half time 2 rather than 1 up in those games.
Shots by Minute: Norwich 2 down before having their first shot and only 8 in the whole match, half of which were
Bony now has a Goal or Assist in 10 of 15 games he’s played for Swans in 2014 (and 6 of last 7 games) and De Guzman with most goals in the Monk Era so far with 5 in 731 Minutes (equivalent of just over 8 games).

Apart from Ash's block on the line this was a fairly comfortable victory and means the focus starts to move (a little bit) from the fight at the bottom to achieving as high a position as possible with 11th place still a realistic ambition.

Last season each place in the league was worth an extra £700k, this years TV deal means this has been significantly increased so I'd imagine it'll somewhere around £1m a place so once the first task of Premier League survival is sorted there's £5-£6m extra up for grabs for a range of teams from West Ham downwards.

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