Monday, 3 March 2014

Swans 1 - Palace 1 Stats and Chalkboards

How you feel after this game is probably a pretty good indicator for your outlook on life.  Either this was a disaster and everything's going to shit or given being a man down for the last 10 minutes you're just grateful we got something from the game.

I don't think I can remember a game anytime recently where possession was so one sided but in terms of chances things were equal:
Passing by Minute: Swansea were on course at half time for almost 1,000 passes but the second half was pretty much even in terms of pass volume
Looking at that over time as a % of total passes, Swansea made 84% of all passes in the first half which had dropped to 70% by the end of the match.

  % of all passes by both teams that were made by Swansea - Consistently over 80% in the first half but dropping dramatically as the 2nd half progressed
Chance wise this was very much the proverbial 'game of two halves' with Palace only managing a single shot in the first half and Swansea only 2 efforts in the second.

Total Shots by minute - not a huge amount of action from either side as Palace looked to keep things tight
The risk of overplaying Pablo is something I've looked at before and will return to in the next couple of weeks, that combined with Ash and Bony's illness meant that players were pretty much out on their feet towards the end although that doesn't excuse Vorm's rush of blood.

With two weeks rest (3 for Chico) and hopefully the return of Michu we should over the closing 10 weeks hopefully see a preview of the level of football we'd expect to get next season with no Europa distraction, aside from whenever the Arsenal game is re-arranged it'll be 1 game a week for the remainder of the season with close to a fully fit squad.

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