Saturday, 1 February 2014

West Ham 2 - Swans 0 Stats and Chalkboards

At this stage of the season points are more important than performance but when you've got neither it makes for a long week before the derby next Saturday.

The main talking point will probably be Chico getting Carroll sent off.  I think there was enough intent there that it won't get rescinded but it's hard to defend Chico's actions and he's gone from being a 'character' last season to somebody who's done this kind of thing far too often this season.
Edited GIF of 101 Great Goals original
There were arguably two main things that were disappointing from the performance, the first being not so much how we dealt with Carroll but how we dealt with the knock downs from him for the two goals.  It's no surprise that Carroll was dominant in the air but that wakes it even more obvious that the key threat will be from who he heads to more than Carroll himself.
Aerial Duels for Carroll (left) and West Ham overall.  I struggle to think of a match where the % is so one-sided
West Ham's highest passing combination was keeper Adrian up to Carroll, it may not be the prettiest but I'm sure Allardyce would argue if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.
Adrian stats include a Key Pass via a Goal Kick, literally cutting out the middle men.
The second area that was poor was the lack of chances created, especially playing over half an hour with an extra man - although arguably 5-10 minutes of that was practically 10v10 as Shelvey was hobbling around. It seems to have happened a few times this season where it's seemed an age before an obviously injured player is subbed even allowing for time for a sub to get ready (and the ball to go out of play, things seem to have been slow).

The overall shot count may look OK but that hides both the fact that Swansea failed to hit the target and that most of the activity came after West Ham were already 2 up and down to 10-men.
Shots by Minute - Half of Swansea's shots came in the last half hour when a man up with West Ham not having (or needing) any shots after the 54th minute
As West Ham showed against Chelsea a few days earlier, if you're set up purely to defend, if you're well organised it's extremely difficult to break down but not even testing the keeper is not great.
Shot location by team - West Ham didn't create too many great chances either but were clinical with the one's they did get
Bony is great in the air but there's only one of him surrounded by a load of defenders, crossing may well be the best option but gently lofted balls in to the box are unlikely to be of much use even if they do get through to him, it seemed the last half hour was a loop of couple of passes, dink it in, ball gets cleared and repeat.
Crosses by side - West ham with more successful crosses from around half the attempts.  1 of Swansea's 6 successful attempts was a corner that almost got as far as the touchline the other side which is stretching the definition of successful
There are arguably 11 teams in the league who on their day can look half-decent but their day comes along far too infrequently. It's going to be a very long week.  

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