Thursday, 5 December 2013

Swansea 3 - Newcastle 0 Stats and Analysis

Looking on Twitter this morning there was plenty of 'We were great, Newcastle were crap' which for me is a fairly big exaggeration of how the match played out.

Newcastle, for the first half hour at least looked to sit back and just hit on the break, had Dyer not scored just before half time, I'd argue that Newcastle had the better chances in the first half, with Vorm's save from Remy particularly impressive.
Newcastle stepped the pressure up after Alvaro's substitution, arguably over committed in 2nd half then gave up when 2-0 down 
One of the things that got me worried towards the end of the first half was Vorm's short goal kicks to Williams.  It's a perfectly sensible tactic to get the ball back in play quickly and control possession, but there were a couple of times where Newcastle had 3 players pushed up against the defence and it was just asking for trouble to play out from the back.
Vorm's Passing: Left images shows those to Ash a couple of which were dodgy given extent of Newcastle's pressing 
I thought that Newcastle over-committed in the 2nd half leaving far too much space at the back considering they were only 1 down at the time, that said the weight of Pozuelo's pass to set up Shelvey for the 2nd was absolutely superb.

There were plenty of positives from this, Shelvey again show's he has an eye for goal from distance as well as having 'a good engine' even if he does still have that side of him that has to do something daft in a lot of games.  Given he's already had a warning after the 'Swim Away' incident and Webb apparently told Pardew he didn't see the 'attempted headbutt/forehead nuzzle' there still may be something to come from this (since seen that no further action will be taken), we were also a bit lucky with the handball incident.

Canas looked solid, De Guzman completed 106 of his 112 passes, there was another hour for Pablo and no major weak links anywhere in the team. With Hull and then Norwich next up in the league, the next couple of weeks offer a huge opportunity to put real space between us and the bottom three.  There'll also be a two month break from the Europa League (assuming we qualify) which will enable a run of games without having to change every week, this game was a rarity with all 10 outfield players being the same two games running.

It may be 10,20 or even more years before we have another crack at Europe so I say enjoy while we can, it undoubtedly impacts league performance but even if we got to the Final there's only a possible 9 further fixtures in the New Year so the second half of the season will be a more accurate reflection of the full potential of the squad.

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