Monday, 16 December 2013

Norwich 1 - Swansea 1 Stats and Chalkboards

With the excitement of the Europa League draw (I'm amazed #stabvest hasn't been trending on Twitter) and the concern around Nathan Dyer's injury, the Norwich game already seems an age ago.

This was another of those, 'just about OK' performances (if I'm being generous) with the main positive being the result, not just for the 1 point it gave us, but arguably more for the extra 2 that we denied Norwich.

Dyer's injury and conceding a goal just before half time were obviously big moments and as the game progressed it certainly felt as if Norwich were the more likely winners even if Bony's late attempt meant we could have taken all 3 points.
Shots by Minute: Swans with only 1 attempt in a 60 minute period in the middle of the game
Overall, Swansea only managed two attempts on goal in the whole match and this was another game where possession was dominated but little done with in.  In Swansea's defence to some extent this is allowed after going ahead so early but is symptomatic of the fairly lethargic pace of recent games.
Shots by team: Only 5 on target for both teams combined
This was another game where crossing was a case of hope rather than expectation (although no Tiendalli to blame this time) with 15 crosses and none being successful.

No Rangel against Everton due to suspension means the possible return of this season's Shechter, Dwight Tiendalli.  After a pretty solid time last year he seems to have forgotten how to play and it's going to take a big turnaround for him to stop being the whipping boy when abuse is handed out.  Lamah seems to be running him a close second which I think is a bit unfair.  I think if he works out where the goal is - always seems to be dragging shots wide I think Lamah could tide us over if Dyer's injury is weeks rather than months.

The other option is to play Taylor at right back where he look comfortable enough in the Olympics, although this could be a risk as even though Everton are far left sided than they used to be (even before Baines' injury) this is still an area they are capable of exploiting.

Hopefully a week without a game will seem like a holiday to the squad and Sunday could see Swansea springing a surprise, especially if it seems Michu and Bony together again.

The Norwich preview has some things that may still be of interest, a look at Shelvey's stats and the winger who got away, Nathan Redmond.

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