Sunday, 20 October 2013

Swans 4 - Sunderland 0 Match Analysis

Reading Twitter before the match predictions for this game were a mix of 3-0's and 'happy with a draw' comments, for me there's a big difference between predicting 3-0 because you're confident and being disappointed or thinking that the wheels are coming off if we'd had just ended up with a draw.

I thought De Guzman's comment that the win was 'mandatory' is a case of just being focused on this one match rather than a cause for panic if we'd failed to win, I guess as a footballer you have to go in with the attitude that the game you're about to play is all-important otherwise you won't perform to your optimal level.

To score twice from corners was a bonus (even if they were both possibly own goals - I've seen Chico's both given to him and an o.g.), for me De Guzman is the most technically gifted player in the squad and has scored some delightful goals but his corner taking has in general been pretty average since he joined.

The first half hour was pretty flat but like Arsenal did to us a few weeks ago, a burst of activity in the quarter of an hour after the break put us in a comfortable position:
Shots by minute, Swans taking 30 minutes before first shot
It was good to see Leon back, I was asked after the Southampton game about the relative performance with/without Leon (prior to yesterday these were the league stats per season):

The overall comparison is that Swans have a slightly higher loss rate when Leon doesn't start but it's relatively small numbers and in part down to comparatively worse results this season (which is in part due to strength of fixtures so far).

The thing that stood out for me though, was how few games he's failed to start in since we got to the Premier League, the strength of squad now along with Europa League however means that he's bound to start fewer league games.  If Canas and Shelvey start in Leon and De Guzman's place on Thursday that shows the strength in that area (and why it was sensible for Ki to move on for this season at least).

There's an interesting piece looking at Bony's contribution on the Swansea Official Site I think because of his transfer fee people expect something spectacular every week but Swansea frontman is often a lonely role and although his link up play is looking good so far, his main job is to finish chances at a higher rate than managed by Graham and Shechter and I'm pretty confident he can manage that with plenty to spare.

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