Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Swansea 2 - Liverpool 2 Stats and Chalkboards

I think before the game most people felt it would be a big match for Jonjo Shelvey, personally I was hoping for a goal and maybe dreading a red card but his influence on the game was beyond bizarre.

Shelvey was obviously the main talking point but that arguably takes away the focus on what was overall a superb Swansea performance particularly in the second half as the passing stats show.

The second half performance can also be seen by looking at the shot count over time, with Liverpool only managing 1 shot to Swansea's 7 after the equaliser.
Cumulative shots by Minute - Post Liverpool's second shot count was 12:4 to Swansea
There will be a number of reasons for the change post Liverpool's second, the injury to Coutinho (covered in this BBC piece, don't let the fact it's by Robbie Savage put you off.), the introduction of De Guzman for Dyer and also Liverpool looking to protect their lead as they've done in their previous 3 games (more details here in the match preview).

The initial plan from Swansea was to sit deep and let Liverpool do what they like with the ball until they got in to the Swansea half.  It's relatively rare to see this from Swansea at the Liberty but presumably this was done to try and restrict space for Coutinho.

In all the Shelvey madness, the performance of Leon Britton his midfield partner arguably hasn't got the plaudits it deserved.  Leon's problem is that he makes what he does look easy, but being in the right place at the right time to offer support is a great skill.  His passes made/received chalkboard is full of short lateral passes that individually are not spectacular but put together are vital to maintaining possession.
Passes made (left) and received by Leon, so often available as an 'out' ball for a team mate
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