Monday, 23 September 2013

Crystal Palace 0 - Swansea 2 Match Stats and Chalkboards

Apart from maybe another goal or two, this match was pretty much perfect with an early goal, domination of possession and restricting the opposition to just a few speculative shots.
Palace with only 1 attempt on target and no attempts from within the box
In terms of passing, Swansea as usual had the majority of possession with Palace improving in the second half but the game was all but over a couple of minutes into the second half when Dyer got the second.
Swans as usual with passing % in the high 80's
When looking at the shot count over time I was surprised at how close the figures were at half time as it felt like almost total domination, but despite the possession and good positions Swansea only had 5 shots in the first half.
Despite having plenty of the ball, Swans went over 25 minutes in the first half without a shot. 3 of Palace's 9 efforts coming within a couple of minutes.
Such was Swansea's dominance that at times the game had the air of an exhibition match and the ole's started with at least 20 minutes remaining.  As good as Swansea's play was, it didn't require particularly incredible passing to cut through the middle of Palace who also seemed to struggle stringing more than a couple of passes together.

Shelvey again showed both sides of his game, his surging run was instrumental in setting up the first goal, but in another instance over hit a through ball and then hit himself on the head and on one occasion massively overhit a free kick bypassing everyone by some distance.

It's not the worst thing in the world to say that a player maybe cares too much about his performance and given his age he'll surely become increasingly composed as he gets older.  Given his ability though and a full season with the Swans, it wouldn't surprise me if he ends up in the World Cup squad (if England make it).
Goal Buildups - Michu scoring one and playing a key role in the second
Michu yet again was superb and as mentioned before is wasted in a striker's role especially at Swansea where it's a relatively quiet role (Alvaro had a decent game, apart from his ballooned shot from in front of the goal, but as he only received 18 passes it's far too early to make any overall judgement).  For anyone who doesn't agree with transfer windows, they should be glad they exist otherwise we'd have to endure Michu to ... rumours on a daily basis.

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