Monday, 1 April 2013

Swansea 1 - Spurs 2 Stats and Chalkboards

Three league defeats in a row (and 4 defeats in last 5 league games) obviously doesn't make great reading but it should be remembered that all 4 have come to teams above us in the league, fluctuations in fortune combined with easier/harder fixtures mean streaks of a few good/bad results are always likely.

Although it could be argued that we 'won' the last 65 minutes against Spurs, the damage was already done by this point as a result of clinical finishing by Vertonghen and Bale, after which it's difficult to know how much of the change in pressure is due to a Swansea improvement or Spurs saving their energy for future games.  Swansea had 27 penalty area entries to Spurs' 9 but doesn't matter as much if you're two goals down for the majority of the game.

Overall Swansea had 15 attempts to Spurs' 10 (14 vs 6 when just looking at time after the Spurs goals) but Spurs had 7 attempts on goal to Swansea's 3 (as far as statistics are concerned Dyer's header against the crossbar is as off-target as a shot that goes out for a throw).  

As mentioned in the preview of the match, Adebayor's finishing has been pretty terrible this season (he's now scored 1 of 11 'Clear Cut Chances' this season) and his chance to make it 2-0 was taken by someone who certainly didn't expect to score.

It was interesting to see Ki come on for De Guzman, especially if it is the case that De Guzman is going back to Villareal.  It'd be daft though for Villareal to say anything other than they want him back, ultimately it'll be a question of whether Swansea can come up with a sufficient offer to tempt Villareal to sell, expect plenty of speculation over the next couple of months as both sides try and get maximum value.

Top passer by some distance on Saturday was Ashley Williams with the other notable passer being Leon Britton who had a 96% pass success rate.

From Williams' chalkboard always nice to see the long diagonal out to Dyer which helps to stretch play although the biggest pass combination in the match was Williams to Hernandez:

Other notable stats from the game were Dyer yet again being the most fouled player (4 times) and Routledge creating 5 chances, 2 more than any other player to continue what's been a superb season for him.

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