Saturday, 6 April 2013

Norwich 2 - Swansea 2 Stats and Chalkboards

After spending most of last week putting a post together about big chance conversion and how Michu and Swansea were above average, it was sod's law that the game against Norwich saw Michu only take 1 of 4 'Big Chances'.
Big Chance conversion (figures as before Norwich game), with Michu having had 21 Big Chances prior to Norwich game, to have 4 in one match shows the level of opportunities he had
I've mentioned it before but I'm surprised at how relatively consistent the figures are, when Michu plays as the main attacker he receives the ball 25-30 times and around double that when playing as the attacking midfielder.
Passes received by Michu - Last 2 Games
Michu had the most attempts (9) of any player and he has repeatedly stated his preference for playing deeper. It's going to be an interesting summer to see the kind of striker that gets signed in the summer

Shots by Team - Swansea also had double the Big/Clear Cut Chances (6v3)
Overall this was the kind of game where any result was possible and you could make a valid case that we could have lost or won this game, in Laudrup's post match interview he mentioned the fact that in recent games we got punished for mistakes and this wasn't always the case here.  On the other hand Swansea had a number of great chances so this could easily have been another 4-3.

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