Monday, 29 April 2013

Chelsea 2 - Swansea 0 Stats and Chalkboards

Not too much to say about this one to be honest, this was a relatively comfortable win for Chelsea although who knows if things would have been different if it was still goalless (or even just 1 goal down) at half-time.

Couple of stats stood out for me from the game: Ki again has superb stats in terms of passing accuracy (62 successful from 64 passes).

The other was Aerial Duels where Luiz won all 9 of his Duels (Michu lost all 5 and Shechter all 3 of his) for Swansea.

If you were an optimist, you could argue that the last couple of months have seen the combination of tough fixtures and maybe something missing as mid-table safety has been secure for some time now.

A pessimist might say that over the last 32 league games (as at Monday afternoon) Swansea have 36 points and Aston Villa have 34 so the 6 points Swansea gained from the first two games have masked average form overall.

The reality is probably somewhere in between, the difference between mid-table and relegation dogfight isn't a huge one.  A couple of late winners, the odd injury of an influential player and things can turn.  Next seasons focus should again be around finishing 8th-12th but for me success is still anywhere from 17th upwards.