Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Liverpool 5 - Swansea 0 Stats and Chalkboards

The blog's late due to half term with the kids rather than that performance on Sunday but I was sorely tempted to give the write up a miss, but for completeness I've put a few stats together.

Swansea only managed 3 attempts on goal to Liverpool's 35 and as Laudrup said it could have been 10-0:
Liverpool's efforts by half, 22 in the first half is an average of an attempt nearly every other minute
Shechter again seems to have taken a fair bit of criticism (even when the defence let in 5) and has now played 492 minutes in the league with only 7 attempts and just one of those on target.  Danny Graham took 397 minutes to score his first league goal but there was always the feeling with Graham he'd come good in the end.

An inability to retrieve long balls/clearances from the goalkeeper was in evidence for Swansea with little that went long from Vorm finding a team-mate.
Large proportion of Vorm's passes coming from Goal kicks
If come next Sunday, Swansea are League Cup winners then this defeat will be largely forgotten and Laudrup will have the remaining 11 games to work out who stays and who leaves at the end of the season.  7th would be better than 12th obviously, but especially if it's true that the league place bonus goes to the players then it's a bit easier to live with performances like that at Anfield if it helps sort out who is likely to be a key member of the squad next season.