Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sunderland 0 - Swansea 0

This might not have been the most high-octane of games and in the first half especially almost resembled a training match given the slick one-touch passing from Swansea.

Sunderland offered very little all game with only the occasional threat from set pieces, Sunderland failed to hit the target all game although Tremmel made a couple of good claims and clearances.
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Swansea's best chances came (as they have quite often in recent games) from Sunderland mistakes at the back resulting in space for Swansea to attack.

Sunderland put slightly more emphasis on attack in the second half, as can be seen by the attempted dribbles by Sessegnon who had 2 in the 1st half but 8 in the 2nd:
Take-on by Half
Other stats of note were De Guzman playing 100 passes (94% completion), the impressive thing about De Guzman is he can play anywhere along the middle from being the attacking midfielder to being the player collecting the ball from the defence.

I also thought Dyer had a decent game, thought he made a lot of passes stick and kept possession well and as is often the case was the most fouled player yesterday:
It has to be seen as a compliment that Sunderland were more than happy to settle for a point and adopted a safety-first approach.  It'll be interesting to see if West Ham have the same approach are a more attack minded.  It'll be the first game post the transfer window closing so still to be seen whether the likes of Graham and Diame will still be around.

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