Sunday, 9 December 2012

Swansea 3 - Norwich 4 Stats and Review

As well as the usual stats, I've included a number of key images from the match as the match was lost largely due to a number of individual errors.  After only conceding one goal in the previous three games, it was big blow to concede three in one half.

In terms of stats from the game, the chalkboards below of attempts by half show how few attempts Norwich had in either half but in particular the second:
First half attempts, Norwich with the better quality chances as well as the goals
Second half attempts, Swans with almost all the action but picked off from a free kick coming from a counter-attack
In terms of passing, Swansea made more passes in the second half than Norwich made in the whole match and completed almost 4 times as many passes as Norwich in the second half:
2nd Half Passing: Swansea with plenty of the ball but relatively little in dangerous areas with disciplined defending from Norwich
In terms of take-ons, it was again a relatively disappointing set of figures with only 4 out of 23 attempts successful:
Take-ons by Routledge and Dyer.  For Swansea as a whole they had 1 successful from 14 attempts in the first half and 3 from 9 in the second.
The first goal was the result of a neat one-two but ultimately I felt that Williams allowed Whittaker to come inside too easily to have the shot.  Tremmel may have been beaten at his near post but from that distance and  from a shot with that power I don't think he could have done much.
Williams allows Whittaker to cut inside to get a shot away from a better angle
The second goal was largely down to Tremmel taking a chance and assuming Bassong was going to head back across goal.  If you look at the image below and had to guess what was going to happen next you would assume the ball would be headed back across the six yard box.  Unlike other positions, when a keeper makes a split second decision that turns out to be wrong he ends up looking foolish.
Bassong must be credited for spotting the gap to score the header
For the third Norwich goal it can again be argued this was due to bad Swansea defending, this time Ki completely loses Grant Holt.
Ki ends up losing Holt to give him a free header
Norwich's fourth was an excellent free-kick, but that free kick came from clever play from Holt to run across Williams' path, wait for contact and get the free-kick.
Holt in front of Williams: due to their relative positioning, Holt doesn't need to be exceptionally quick, just gets in between Williams and the ball and waits for the foul.

Despite the finger-pointing above, it's not a time for panic or rubbishing the team.  Some days you make mistakes and they get punished, over the course of a season there are bound to be games after which you say 'How did that happen'.

The absence of Britton again shows his value and I was a bit surprised not to see Agustien play, either instead of De Guzman or instead of Graham with Michu as the lone striker and De Guzman as the attacking midfielder.  There are plenty of positives from the second half display and another two goals for Michu.

I remember a few weeks ago seeing him being 66/1 to be top scorer in the league this season, I thought it looked a big price but didn't think that a Swans player would be top league scorer any time soon, although at this rate I may well be wrong.

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