Thursday, 27 December 2012

Reading 0 - Swansea 0 Stats and Chalkboards

At the end of the review of the Man Utd match, I mentioned that the point from that game took some of the pressure off the Reading match and that a point wouldn't be so bad a result.  Depending on whether you want to focus on the first 70 or last 15-20 minutes probably determines your feelings about the result.

Overall, Swansea completed almost four times as many passes as Reading, with the first half in particular being dominated by Swansea.

A clue as to where the ball spent a lot of time however is the fact that Williams and Chico completed more passes (184) than the entire Reading team (141).
First half passing by Team, Swansea dominant but most of the time ball is in the Swansea half with little passing in the final third
Given selections over recent weeks, it seems that either for on or off field reasons, Laudrup doesn't believe in Danny Graham, although given Michu's injury (even if just a little knock) and the heavy Christmas schedule he may get another chance.

With De Guzman rested, Moore played as the attacking midfielder with Michu up front, which meant that Moore received the ball significantly more than Michu, with Pablo possibly back for Fulham on Saturday, it'll be interesting to see what kind of line up starts in that game and against Villa.
Passes Received by Moore and Michu
I still think there's potentially a great player inside Luke Moore but it just seems to not quite click on a regular enough basis, although at the Arsenal game for example I was amazed and the amount of stick he got for not 'running around enough' (this was before he set up the first goal).  It's easy to be an amateur psychologist about these things but for me he needs to really believe he can do it and we may yet get to see him reach his full potential.

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