Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Season So Far Stats - April 2012

I've put together a new version of the Season So Far presentation.  This includes stats around the Swans compared to other Premier League teams and also stats on areas such as Shots/Passes/Touches per 90 minutes played for the Swansea Squad.

The presentation is available to look at below (click on the full screen option on the bottom right of the presentation to view a full screen version).  If you are after a version to download, an interactive PDF is available to view/download here or (here if viewing on a mobile browser).

Of the 34 games played so far this season the Swans have made more passes than the opposition in 28 of those games and only the game where Swansea made significantly less passes was the trip to the Emirates.

Swansea are second only to Arsenal in terms of % Ball Possession and second only to Man City with regards to Pass completion rate.

From the Minutes Played stats, it is clear that we have been relatively lucky with injuries this season and with the arrival of Sigurdsson solving the problem of the midfield combination it's been a pretty settled side.

Sigurdsson averages 3.9 shots per 90 minutes a full shot a game higher than Sinclair/Moore and almost double that of Danny Graham (2.1).

The patience of Swansea's play can be seen by the relative number of touches per 90 minutes made by Rangel (104) and Graham (28) with Rangel being the player with the most touches per game in the Premier League and Graham the least of any forward.

This passing is often within Swansea's own half with only 8 of the 34 games where Swansea made more passes in the final third than the opposition and having more shots in only 9 of the 34 (23 games with fewer shots and both games with Stoke having the same number of shots as the opposition).

Joe Allen has rightly received plenty of plaudits for his play this season but as well as his creative ability he also makes the most tackles per 90 minutes.

No single statistic will guarantee success and a great example of this is the number of shots in the two games against Newcastle.  At Newcastle, Swansea had 3 shots (their lowest number of the season) but drew and in the home game had 19 but lost.