Friday, 23 December 2011

Everton Review

In games such as the last two against Newcastle and Everton, the narrative and fan perception is hugely driven by the final result.  Newcastle was seen as a hard worked for point but the Everton game as showing a lack of ambition.

In players such as Fellaini and Drenthe in particular, Everton had players of real quality who could cut apart a team who are too attack minded.  Some people might point to the fact that Norwich got a draw there a few days earlier but looking at the stats Everton had 29 attempts at goal (7 on target) compared to 15 attempts against Swansea (4 on target).

In fairness Norwich themselves offered more in attack with 7 attempts at goal with their only effort on target being Holt's goal.  Swansea managing 5 attempts with only 1 on target and all of these coming in the second half with only 2 coming after going behind after an hour which was probably the main reason for discontent. 

When things don't work in attack it tends to be Sinclair and Gower who get the stick, I've mentioned Gower and his assists before so think he's still got plenty to offer. 

For Sinclair it's much more about scoring or creating goalscoring opportunities rather than overall team passing, Sinclair made 17 passes in total compared to Routledge's 48 so if Sinclair isn't beating people and creating chances it creates the impression that he hasn't done much so it's a bit more all or nothing for Scott's performances.

A win against QPR and all this is forgotten, but even if results over the next couple of weeks aren't great there's still plenty to be optimistic about.  It's all a case of keeping our nerve and trusting in the ability of this squad who I think are more than capable of keeping us in this league.