Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Swans in Twitter Relegation Zone

Getting my ticket for Norwich away in the post last week, I was struck by how professional it looked (it doesn't take much to impress me). 

When compared to my ticket for Arsenal away (see below) the first thing that struck me was the listing of the various forms of contact (Phone/Web/Facebook/Twitter).

To be fair to Arsenal, it could be argued that people know plenty about them and it'd only take a few seconds on Google to find out whatever you needed to find.

It does show though that Norwich have their finger on the Social Media pulse and are willing to use whatever techniques are available to interact with fans.
This got me thinking about Twitter followings around the Premier League and the table below shows the relative Twitter follower counts for 'Official' accounts (as at approx. 5pm on Wed 11th Oct).

There is an account @MUFootballClub that claims to be official but has never tweeted so may not be genuine.

Man Utd's reason for not having a Twitter account is that they currently don't see it as part of their communication strategy (but they do have 19.9m facebook followers so do appreciate the value of Social Media).

I don't think Swansea on the other hand could give the same reasoning and it does look as if they're missing a trick (the Swans account was set up May 27th before the play-off final but has only tweeted once). 

Given the figures of other teams I see no reason why the Swans wouldn't get 10-20,000 followers without too much effort (Ashley Williams has 25k, Scott Sinclair has 23k and Danny Graham 13k followers).

At the moment I use News Now or forums such as Planet Swans along with Twitter feeds of other Swans fans for Swans related news but a SCFC twitter feed could be used by the club to sell as well as inform.

The main Swans site has some good information and is updated fairly regularly so having a Twitter feed that highlights this seems a pretty obvious thing to me.

It's not the most important thing in the world and the fact that the Swans communication strategy is the biggest grumble I have with the club is something to be grateful for.  My wife is a Luton Town fan, they have 3,504 Twitter followers but I bet they'd rather be in the Barclays rather than the Blue Sq Premier.

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