Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sunderland Chalkboards

Saturday's game against Sunderland finished 0-0 which as mentioned in the previous post was available at 10-1. Combining our traditionally good home form with the difficulty in scoring goals in this league, I'd imagine 0-0 will be a value bet for most home games.

Looking at the chalkboards, I've put three together looking at some key areas. Graham's shooting, Vorm's passing and comparing the passing of Williams and Caulker.
The first chalkboard looks at Graham's shots against both Wigan and Sunderland. In the Wigan game only 2 shot's, the second of which was after only 14 minutes.

For the Sunderland game, he had 7 attempts on goal altogether, suggesting a more productive game, even if that first league goal is still to come.

Given that top scorers for a club in the Premier League tend to get somewhere between 10-15 goals (Wigan's joint top scorers got 9) then going 3 games without a goal is hardly a drought.

If both Graham and Sinclair can hit double figures then we're in with a reasonable shout of staying up.

 by Guardian Chalkboards

The second chalkboard looks at Michel Vorm's passing from open play in the same two games. He had only 7 misplaced passes against Wigan compared to 17 against Sunderland.

Given the fact that the misplaced passes were generally well in to the Sunderland half suggests that pressing from Sunderland forced more of a route 1 approach.

 by Guardian Chalkboards

The final chalkboard compares the passing of Williams and Caulker, whether it's Williams taking the more senior role or just that more go down the Rangel/Dyer right hand side than the Taylor/Sinclair left but Caulker's passes were much shorter (but more accurate) where the longer, more speculative passing was left to Williams.

 by Guardian Chalkboards