Friday, 23 September 2011

Chelsea Preview and Chalkboards

For tomorrow's game I am far more hoping for than expecting a positive result compared to the Arsenal game.

Where Arsenal were a team hit by injuries, suspensions and defections, Chelsea are still a powerhouse and infinitely less flaky than the Gunners.

Having said that, they have struggled against (but ultimately beaten) both Norwich and West Brom at home this season so I can see some hope.

As we have both played West Brom at home this season, this does give the ability the have some sort of comparison between the teams.

For Chelsea, a third of their successful passes were made to someone in the West Brom third of the pitch compared to Swansea's 14%.  One of the reasons for this will be that being 2-0 up from such an early stage there was far less need to be attacking compared to Chelsea who were forced to make up for conceding an early goal.

I expect (or at least hope) that Chelsea won't be exerting the same level of pressure on us as they did against West Brom and that Chelsea's pressing of our passing game will lead to spaces behind for Allen in particular to link up with Lita (my guess), Sinclair and Dyer.

The bookies make 2-0 Chelsea the most likely scoreline, but my heart say 1-1 and my betting instinct says that 25/1 on No Goalscorer (i.e., 0-0 but also includes where only goals are own goals) is great value considering we've only conceded once in last 4 league games.

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