Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Arsenal Chalkboards

4 Games, No wins and No goals sounds pretty depressing but for me the reality is much brighter than that, the performances are there it's just not quite coming off at the moment.

This week's chalkboards are mainly focused around Nathan Dyer who I felt played with less width this week compared to previous games. This can be seen from the passes chalkboard comparing the Arsenal game with that against Sunderland.

My assumption for him being less on the touchline is that he was asked to make the midfield busier and harder to play through when Arsenal had the ball.

 by Guardian Chalkboards

This comes at a price however and Nathan only completed 13 successful passes compared to 25 against Sunderland and 2 successful “take on’s” as Opta refer to them where a player dribbles past a member of the opposition (and one of these was in his own half) compared to 7 against Wigan a few weeks ago. You’re never going to have the level of possession or attacking threat against Arsenal and it worked well as Arsenal created relatively little (especially after the first 10 minutes) but taking people on is what makes Nathan, Nathan and I'm looking forward to more of that against West Brom.

 by Guardian Chalkboards

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