Monday, 20 October 2014

Stoke 2 - Swans 1 Video Analysis

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Following on from the match stats I've had a look at some of the issues from the game.  I've recently started doing some video analysis for my local non-league team which is a bit of an eye opener after being used to having detailed Opta stats on a plate.

With the Stoke game being in full on Sky, this gave me the chance to use Longomatch to try and look at a couple of areas in particular, some of the bad passing from defence as well as looking at the hold up play of Bony (and to a smaller extent Gomis).  Footage quality isn't the best but hopefully gives a rough idea.

Any compilation needs to be taken into context and just having the bad moments can seem overly critical, for the passing it was mainly wayward passes towards Bony.  Two of these were indirectly responsible for Stoke's goals: Fernandez lofting in a free kick after seemingly being unsure what to do with it led eventually to Stoke's pen (pass 009 on the video, they're labelled as bad long passes but the definition of long/bad is a loose one).

The second goal came as a result of a pass from Rangel being intercepted (last example in the video above) which in turn results in defenders being out of position, as much as Taylor shouldn't have let Walters across him, he does have two players at the back post.

Looking at the passes to Bony/Gomis, the next video is a selection of where the ball is played up to them with their back to goal, when it sticks it's great (number 007 is particularly nice) but other times the ball goes all over the place.
Watching the game back, the second half wasn't as bad as I first thought but to get nothing after scoring the first goal is a big disappointment.  Obviously the Stoke penalty decision overshadow's most other things but a persecution complex won't do us any favours.

Other than the West Brom game, it's been fine margins that have decided the result one way or another (even though Chelsea in the end beat us comfortably the turning point was conceding so close to half time) and even though the fixture schedule looks daunting in coming weeks with Everton/Arsenal/Man City to come in the league I expect us to be in contention for points in every game.