Monday, 20 October 2014

Stoke 2 - Swans 1 Match Stats and Analysis

To get the obvious main talking point out of the way first, yes it was a dive by Moses and a cheap penalty but that can't hide the fact that it was a disappointing second half for the Swans.

After a fantastic first 10-15 minutes especially where a series of great passing moves with Bony as the fulcrum cut through Stoke a number of times the momentum was more with Stoke from Swansea's goal onwards.
Other than a late flurry of long range shots after Emnes' introduction late on, Stoke dominated in terms of  efforts on goal after Swansea took the lead
I think at some point having both Bony and Gomis on at the same time could cause real havoc, but was surprised it was a combination used in this game given Bony's international travels.  You could argue it was a positive move to try and win the game but it felt like it didn't work in this instance.
Pass volumes (per 5 minutes) by Team - Swansea with majority of the ball early on and in the lead up to the penalty.  Post double substitution (64 min) Swansea with another peak but then going more direct from about the 70th minute onwards
As much as Taylor gets the blame for Stoke's second, it stems from a misplaced pass out of defence from Rangel, one of the things that seemed noticeable in the game was the number of misplaced passes from defence into midfield/attack.

There was a lot of focus in the ball played into Bony's feet with his back to goal, a lot of the time it worked well and there was some great hold up play by him at times.  When it didn't work however, either through a bad pas or bad control Stoke often had the opportunity to then break on Swansea's defence.

In a follow up blog I'll be trying to put some video's together looking at this in more detail.

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