Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hull 1 - Swans 0 Stats and Chalkboards

Two steps forward, two steps back.  After the smiles post the Norwich game and talk of 'unbeaten runs' and 'only way is up' this was another reminder that we're not safe yet.

Reading Twitter after a defeat is never the wisest thing but seen plenty of people being outraged that other people were outraged enough to want their money back after that performance, I imagine 1 person (if that) complained and then things snowball. It was certainly not that bad.

This match felt pretty flat throughout with Swansea's best chances arguably coming on the counter-attack, unfortunately once Hull went ahead they were pretty happy to sit on their lead and only registered a single shot in the second half.
Swansea going for around 30 minutes post Hull's goal without a shot although perked up after the introduction of Pablo.
It's a bit unfair to single him out given he only came on at 83 minutes but having a quick look through the player stats this evening I was curious to see what Lita had managed during the game and this was his chalkboard:
Nothing to see here
There's still plenty of winnable games to come and relatively little risk of relegation but it'd be good to get this season chalked off as soon as possible to get a head start for planning for next year.

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