Saturday, 11 January 2014

Man Utd 2 - Swansea 0 Stats and Chalkboards

It's of little consolation given the result but it doesn't require too much of a stretch of the imagination to visualise the 2 matches against Man Utd having the opposite results.  Both games saw Swansea look to control possession and restrict Manchester United's chances.

Where the first game saw this happening and United being caught out late on (helped by Fabio's red), this match saw all of the good work of the first half undone right at the start of the second.  When so much of the Swansea's gameplan is sticking to Plan A (keep it tight, frustrate and hope to nick a goal), things become difficult when you go a goal (or two) down.
Shots by Minute
Pozuelo's performance (especially in the first half) was a major positive, although in an ideal world he'd still be the kind of player you'd want to bring on in the last 30 minutes rather than playing a full game.  He made the most ball recoveries (14, next highest was 10) and was the most fouled player (5 times, next highest was 2).
Ball Recoveries for Pozuelo (left) and Swansea overall (right)
Swansea's crossing was again something of a disappointment, with only 3 completed crosses:
Crosses by Team - When generally only a single target (Bony), making a cross count is going to be a difficult task
With 8 days until the next game that will hopefully feel like a holiday between matches for players compared to the recent glut of games.  With Canas due to be out for a few weeks (was tough on Amat that he gets centre back start then ends up playing most of the game in midfield), the squad is starting to look strained but it'll probably be more a case of crossing fingers and hoping for no more injuries than bringing in anyone major.

Despite all the panic, we're still 13th although it's a 11 team struggle with a few 6 pointers coming up after the Spurs game, it's not quite squeaky bum time yet, but it's going to be a nervy few weeks.

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