Saturday, 4 May 2013

Swansea 0 - Man City 0 Stats and Chalkboards

Last again on Match of The Day, but this will be as much for the relative lack of importance as the quality of the football.  There's no shame in a draw against a team who may have had a disappointing season but are still comfortably in second place.

It's not often a team has significantly more of the ball than Swansea (especially at the Liberty), but Man City completed almost double the number of passes (560 compared to 310 for Swansea) and almost 3 times as many passes in the attacking third (162 vs. 57).

Only one of the top 10 players in terms of pass completion was a Swansea player (Rangel 7th highest) where normally you'd expect 7 or 8 to be Swansea players in the top 10 but obviously not against a side like Man City.

The top level stats of only 1 shot on target for Swansea suggest a quiet day for Joe Hart, but in the first half in particular Swansea created some good chances, most of which came via Dyer.  Dyer created 4 chances in the game and no other player created more than 2.

Pablo continues to frustrate at times but I have a feeling that next season he will be one of the stand-out players in the side with Michu playing deeper (assuming we get a new forward) I think their interplay will be a key part of the hopeful progression of the side.

The second half was more Man City (Swansea only having 2 efforts at goal in the 2nd half, both from outside the box and both off target) but even with more of the ball Man City only managed 3 efforts on target all game (although to call Dzeko's miss a sitter is an understatement).

Milner was arguably one of Man City's more influential players with a lot of play going through him, in the second half he had a more central role and as a result the focus of Man City's attacked moved from left to right.
Swansea Interceptions by half - Showing the areas of attacking focus from Man City
Michu being out for the season is obviously a blow but an extra couple of weeks rest will probably do him the world of good, especially if Wigan end up winning the FA Cup and our Europa League campaign as to start in early August.

Wigan on Tuesday is arguably the last game of any major consequence this season and a win there will almost certainly guarantee a top half finish.  It's essential to seek to continually improve and things have maybe been a bit flat in recent weeks but you'd have to be mad to think of this season as anything other than an incredible success.

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