Monday, 13 May 2013

Man U 2 - Swans 1 Stats and Chalkboards

The Swans might not have 'spoilt the party' but certainly put up an excellent performance, especially in the second half.  The chalkboard below shows the passing areas by half for the Swans, the ball very rarely made its way anywhere near the Man Utd area in the first half, but after the break things were much improved:
Swans Passing by Half, almost identical numbers, but far more threat in 2nd Half
For the first 20-30 minutes especially, Man Utd seemed to be regularly playing balls in to the edge of the Swansea area, along with plenty of support play to create several threatening positions:
Man Utd Final Third Passing by Half - with huge pressure on the edge of area during 1st Half
This Man Utd pressure can also be seen by the areas the teams made their interceptions with Swansea often winning it back around the edge of the area and Man Utd winning the ball back several times far higher up the pitch:
Interceptions by Team
Conceding goals from a free kick and a corner is something that will be of a concern as I think it may be that we've scored the fewest and conceded the most of any team in the Premier League (as a % of total).  We've certainly scored the fewest with 5 (League average is 11 and Man U highest with 22).

The occasion and the late winner mean that Michu's superb finish may largely be forgotten by those outside of Swansea but anyone thinking he may just be a 'One-Season Wonder' would be overlooking both the quality of his technique and the fact that he was not too shabby last season for Rayo Vallecano.  August 1st can't come quick enough for me.

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