Saturday, 19 January 2013

Swansea 3 - Stoke 1 Stats and Chalkboards

After a pretty reserved first half where Swansea had 10 attempts but didn't hit the target and Stoke had only 3 efforts (1 on target), Swansea turned on the style and ran out comfortable winners to maintain confidence going in to the huge game against Chelsea on Wednesday.

Having scored a free kick from a similar area in pre-season (although placed the other side), it was great to see De Guzman put an absolute beauty away today.
De Guzman free kick vs. Colorado Rapids in pre-season

Man of the Match though for me was Ben Davies, as well as his goal he had the most Tackles, Interceptions, and Take-ons of any player in the match.
As well as the defensive side, Davies had most successful take-ons of any player (3)
As has been the case for the last couple of league games (Villa and Everton), Swansea lost the majority of Aerial Duels, winning 13 out of 45 (29%).  In this match Peter Crouch won 15 out of 17 Aerial Duels (with Ki winning 0 out of 8) but few of these were in dangerous positions.  As previously seen in games against Stoke, it's often best to let Crouch win the duel and concentrate on positioning than expending too much effort trying to win a challenge and ending up unable to defend.
Aerial Duels for Crouch (left) and whole Stoke team (right)
Prior to this game Swansea had won 85% of their throw-ins compared to 64% from Stoke which shows how much attacking emphasis Stoke place on them.  Comparing throws from today and the game earlier in the season at the Britannia shows a lack of penetration from Throw-ins compared to earlier in the season.
At the Britannia (right), throws were coming in the box from almost the half way line 
Much was made of both Danny Graham and Kenwyne Jones being transfer targets (I've compared their stats in a previous post which suggests Graham brings more goals, but Jones more in the air).  Personally if he wants to stay I'd rather stick with the known and keep Graham, although it seems pretty obvious that he wants out.  That said if he's still here come February I think he'll still be putting the effort in and attitudes can always change.

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