Monday, 1 October 2012

2011/12 Opta Stats Review - Top Players by Club

With the release of last season's stats by Opta looking at activity by player by game (more details here), I've put together a summary presentation looking at the top 3 players per club for a number of different metrics such as shots, assists, touches etc.,

To be able to use the interactive features of the presentation, either download it or select the full-screen option (bottom right of the box).

This is still a work in progress but gives some interesting details about the key stats at each club.  For Swansea, despite only playing the equivalent of 12.5 games (1,172 minutes) Mark Gower had the most assists with 5 (I'll come back to how Gower became 'The most creative player in Europe' in a later post).

Some of the other stats of interest include:
  • Song topping Arsenal's figures for both Assists and Tackles
  • Silva having 15 assists for Man City, two more than any other player
  • Fellaini winning more than twice as many tackles as any other Everton player
  • Suarez making only 3 assists for Liverpool
  • Cabaye having most assists, touches, tackles and interceptions for Newcastle
  • Mulumbu having the most interceptions and winning most tackles by some distance for WBA
  • Ward having over 50% more touches than any other Wolves player
This is still a work in progress with more stats to come but is an example of how you can go from a mass of data to some useful summaries.  All figures are total activity and minutes played not factored in which will be included at a later stage when looking at activity across all teams.

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Stats: Created using data provided by Opta MCFC Analytics 
Anyone interested in knowing more about the data and process behind the stats visit my business blog: Analysis Marketing